2 Projects (Liesl and Needles)

PROJECT #1-Liesl

I began Liesl this weekend.  I’ve been drooling over this pattern for a year now.  It’s a airy tunic length summer top, that will be nice to wear over leggings or skinny jeans;however, it is made with linen fiber.  Linen has definite postive and negative attributes.


1. Makes a lovely organic textured fabric

2. Softens over time with washing and has a nice drape



1. Hard on the hands -I am a massage therapist-this is not good……at all : (

2. Annoying feeling of wire in your hands ..yuk!


The negatives put me in a debate over whether to take on this project.  I could’ve chosen a linen blend, but I fell in love with this sandalwood shade from Louet.  It’s wet spun and….Machine Washable!  I was sold.

Getting gauge was kind of tricky. I managed to get the stitch gauge at 3 needle sizes down, but not the row gauge.  The test swatch was fine, but now that I’m 4 inches in, my stitch gauge is slightly off.  Since this is a loose-fitting top, I think it will still work out (cross fingers) .



PROJECT #2- Needles


I was ecstatic when Ravelry introduced a needle inventory page.  Finally there was a place I could go to reference what I had in my needle inventory.  One of the reasons this was such a boon is because my system for keeping needles was atrocious.  Needles were scattered all over the house, sitting in abandoned skeins of yarn, in my clothes draws, some were hanging on closet hangers….etc  It was a complete mess!  I bought a circular knitting case eons ago, but never took the time to get the needles in it.   Why! …. I don’t know.  Some things elude the anal retentive personality.



Ahh.  this is soooo much better.  It makes me feel…once more…ecstatic!  I can find them!  All of them!  I don’t know why I waited so long to do this.  There are still a few stragglers hanging around, but I’ll be purchasing another case to house them too.




Texting Mitts

I started these on a day hot enough to have the windows open.    It’s a balmy 70 degrees in Atlanta today.  I opened the windows and bound off a pair of fingerless mitts that I may not get a chance to wear this year….oh well.

My niece calls them texting mitts.  I call them fingerless mitts or wrist warmers.  It’s about all you need during the mild southeastern winters.

Yarn: Rowan Pure life silk/viscose/cotton Blend

Color: Rock

Pattern: From Knitty.com-Voodoo Wrist Warmers

All this balmy weather has caused me to drop the cardi idea.  Instead of a nice bulky wool, I placed an order yesterday for 3 skeins of linen in a calm cool sandalwood shade.  It should be in my mailbox Monday or Tuesday.  

I always want eyes….

(Art play with water-soluble Stabilo and Inktense pencils)


The Blessing of Beauty

I always want eyes

To see the beauty of the world,

And to praise this wondrous beauty

That is without exception,

And to praise the One who did it,

So beautifully, fully to praise the fully, so full of beauty


Natan Zach

Yokoo: A Fiber Artist Profile

Yokoo is an Atlanta-based fiber artist that gets up at the crack of dawn, because that is when the world is quiet and full of dream-like drama.  Immediately it seems apparent that she works as hard on her craft as she does on creating an authentic way of being in the world. There is one thing she said that resonated with me quite strongly: (paraphrase) ” The world we live in is rough and we need to create a sub-world as a place of protection”…..and there you have it:  The Fifth Wondrous Place.  The fifth wondrous place is one of 8 places of protection in Buddhist mythology.  It is a place where we let our life force bloom and come to a better understanding of the human world.  I hope you enjoy this artist profile as much as I did.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4462181&dest=-1]

Swallowtail Shawl


First completed project of 2011 is finished and on its way to the recipient.  Despite adding additional repeats to the center motif, the final measurements still brought in a modest sized shawl; however, I am still pleased with the results.

This was a pleasant knit from beginning to end and I began to miss it immediately after casting off.  Even though I like the look of nupps, I hate knitting them; however, that didn’t seem to pose a problem.  The nupps in this pattern are fairly small (only 5 or 6 loops) and were not nearly as painful as some I’ve done in the past.


I am still on the look out for the perfect cardigan-a Sunday sloucher, tweedy silk/wool mix, warm but not too chunky,not too thin,maybe a few cables?  …